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Under the guidance of the founder and owner, The Legend Haveli brand has built a loyal local fan base, while the strong connections to international business travelers, leisure-seekers, and those from the creative industries – drawn both by the country’s fascinating past and bright new beginnings – continue to flourish. In a region that is in the midst of a transformation, The Legend Haveli Hotel showcases both the face and aspirations of contemporary Jaisalmer, making the new tangible, while also proudly embracing and staying true to the country’s historical roots and essence.

A proudly independent brand, The Legend Haveli Hotel is progressive and continually inspired by the latest evolving trends in design, gastronomy and culture. The Legend Haveli Hotel brand is poised to continue its expansion throughout the region, unlocking new experiences and opportunities in a country rapidly forging a bright new identity.
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Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget

The Legend Haveli Hotel is a young and independent lifestyle hotel based in Jaisalmer that has quickly emerged as the premier leader of distinctive hospitality experiences in the region.

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Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget